April 1, 2017

More light around

Last weeks have been, well, variable.
Moments of good, moments of... not so good.
Some days I have seen all our, or at least mine, 
future plans flown down the drain.
Some days have just passed by.

I had a chance to spend one week in Siuntio again.

And at the time I spent there,
I also had a chance to visit Lepopirtti.

Lepopirtti was built in 1917 and it was bought by Miina Sillanpää  in 1921
holiday- and recreation place for women working as servant girls, 
as well for other women with scarce resources.

It is a beautiful place.
It has gone through reparations,
so it isn't in original shape.
But it has it's charm still.
 Old small rooms upstairs have removed,
and beautiful ceiling is wide open to see.

It is possible to rent the house for private events,
but I am not sure,
if it is possible to visit Miina Sillanpää's office.
I did. 
Some art on the walls - like painting of Lepopirtti in original color.
Her desk with beautiful writing instruments.
Peacefull place. And surrounding.
Beautiful views from windows.
 Those must be gorgeous in the summer.


  1. Beautiful post, loved the photos you have shared here along with how you described the blog. Thank you for sharing it

  2. This is a wonderful post. It brought a smile to my face. Thanks for sharing this with us friend.

  3. nice use of light, we can’t exclude the importance of light from our lives because we can’t live without it

  4. All the images are just amazing and worth to watch. Just loved this blog. I love nature and like to see it in images any where. It gives a fresh feeling to your eyes and mind.

    1. Thank you! Nature sure is welfare for all senses.