April 19, 2017

Streetfood by SantaMaria Finland

As a Buzzador, I get sometimes samples to test.
This time it was Santa Maria's Street Food.
Pulled salmon wraps.
It was all new for me.

In the package I got was Lemon Chutney, spices and wrap breads.

I needed to buy salmon and yoghurt.
Because this was new for me,
I was happy to find directions from bread package.
Fish was put into baking bag (included) with ½ dl water and some butter and spices in the bag.
Quite a lot of spices, I think.
Then salmon into oven.
For me there really was a lot of spices,
and as grandsons were at the house, too,
I took some off after salmon was ready.
Salmon was pulled inpieces and the table was ready.
It is a simple meal:
everyone could take bread and put anything they wanted in it 
- and wrap it by themselves.
Kids loved it.
And they took salad in their wraps, too.
That is something I count as a positive affect.

This was interesting to try and taste. 
Not everyday food, though.


  1. OH you are so sweet really:) you are doing such a great job by giving a quality food to this dog. I am a pet lover and have some cute dogs and cats in our house. This product seems healthy and beneficial.