April 21, 2015

Tonight I cry

Back of our yard, the other side of brook, there is a plot owned by excavation company.
They uses it as a soil storage.
A week ago they started to crash stones there.
Environmental authority required them to build noise barrier.
They did.
From soil.

Today the soil collapsed down.
On the brook.
On our yard.
On the edge of my berry garden.

Soil in our yard is hard clay.
Growing anything else than couch grass means hard work.
Really. Hard. Work.
So I have every spring a mood I use to call "spring anger".
It hits, when I see all the small plants that have died during the winter 
because cold land and frozen backwater.
Not to mention, 
when I find out all the damages,
that is caused, because some walks on my flower beds...

Today, when I came home,
my neighbor asked if I knew,
what has happened during the day.
And when I walked to berry garden,
I saw this.

Collapsed soil had been 3 meters high.
Over the brook, that is 1,5 meters deep.
Soil had block the brook and water had raised up.
Mostly to field next to us.
But we had our share.
Ground was wet up to silver willow,
which is growing in the middle of berry garden.

First I was in shock.
I tried to understand what really had happened.
And what this all would do to nature by the brook.

Flooding wouldn't be disaster alone.
But when they dug up soil from brook,
they also dug up clay.
Which made it look worst.

On the bank was living huge water rat.
I guess I won't cry for it.
Even though it's lair is filled with clay.
It ate roots from my plum trees.

But I have cried.
And will cry more.
For Ribes aureum I have been growing over ten years.
For marsh marigolds that used to bloom on the bank.
I cried for my two tiny apple trees, which I have grown several years from a seed.
And all the ugliness that will stay by the bank for years.

The water is running now,
but there is meters of clay left on the channel.

I am crying.
It will take long to get it healed.
Marsh marigolds might not never be back again.
It would take long until wild ducks will venture to nest there again.
I can buy new berry bushes.
Grow up new apple trees.
But I cannot get old natural plants back.

I might cry a bit also because they survived.

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