April 20, 2015

Spring means Supermoto

Spring means, that Supermoto season starts.
So my life will change.
I have to think travelling.
And pit kitchen.
And keep my nerves steady.

Motorist will leave to Estonia on Friday.
He will be training over there whole week.
I will join on 1st of May in Madona, Latvian.
First race. Composite of Estonia, Lithuanian and, Latvian Championship.. 
And start of Baltic Championship.
And I will have only microwave available to cook there.

So I have to make plans.
At least one grocery will be open on 1st of May in Tallinn,
so I can make shopping there.  
We supposed to be in race track at 9 o'clock,
so shopping in the next morning is uncertain prospect.
But (of course there is a but) driving to Madona takes at least 5 hours
- and race day is next day.
Nothing that stays safe to eat in warm, is out of question.
Even though we will take cooling bag with.

And of course, cooking with micro for four adult men is a challenge.
That means lunch cooked with dried ingredients.
Which means, I have a chance to use a dehydrator,
that I bought after Christmas from sale.

Sliced carrots on the grids...

and some swede and zucchini, too.

Just few hours on the counter...

and they are ready

I bagged them in plastic bag,
so I can fill it with water about an hour before cooking.

Some dried onions, spices and noodles.
5-8 minutes in microwave and the lunch is ready.
Or is not.
That includes no protein.
Not to mention,
that Motorist told,
he'd like more meat-macaroni casserole.
Which means, that I cook casseroles on Wednesday,
freeze them
- and they will travel with us.
Casseroles will melt slowly during travelling.
I just need to remember ketchup.

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