February 28, 2015

During Saturday....

Aunt Hanna turned 88 years today.
We visited at her new home.
She had to move, 
because the house she was living in,
will be teared down.
She is very happy for her brand new home,
even though it is a lot smaller.
So there was two things to celebrate:
birthday and housewarming.
Cake as made by my cousin's wife.

When we came home and hubby opened his laptop,
he found a new bookmark:
Last one, who used hubby's machine,
was our 3,5 years old daughter's son.
Bookmark lead to
Little Princess will stay at us over night.
First she checked mail...
Then she chased cat.
And showed how she sulks,
when granddad left from her sight.
We will have fun evening and Sunday with her.
I hope.

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