August 8, 2014

Time flies...

Sometimes time just flies - even though nothing extremely special happens.

First time in my adult life I bought, really,bought blueberries.
It has been too hot to go to woods.
Not to mention, there hasn't been time to it.
But had enough time to make blueberry pie:

It has been Pepi that has taken my time.
Or better: me learning to live with a dog.
Even the most sweetest one,
who needs to go to bed at 10 pm.
Who cannot sleep,
if lights are on.
Who doesn't guard or bark 
-except cats.
Who looks at you with his hug, brown eyes:

Walking with dog gives a chance to look at the sky, though:

I started my summer holiday weeks today.
Got a present from a client:

Was he happy, that I am out of office, perhaps?

Thrushes came today.
They had eaten over half of currants during the day,
so I started picking the rest.
Will go on tomorrow.

Tonight I will stay up late and sit in terrace:

Just admiring our lights:

Tomorrow night hopefully full moon of August:

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