August 24, 2014

Sewing pinny dress

Pinny dress for a child should be one of the easiest sewing project.
Professionals makes them ready in no time.
Well, I am not a professional
- not even a great sewer.
But I had decided to sew (few!) dresses to Little Princess,
and I though,
that during the flu would be great time for start.
Just because it isn't physically heavy...

I started with drawing pattern.
I used my eldest daughter's old dress as a model.

Front piece
Just draw the lines on the paper.
I used greaseproof paper,
it is enough wide for this kind of little clothing.
back pieces
As usual, 
I started this project without checking,
if I have all supplies needed.
Of course I didn't.
As I now have sewing machine with only straight and zigzag,
no stretch stitch,
I had to choose cotton fabric
- which I didn't have many pieces on hand.
So it took a while to find best place of pattern.

After finding paces I liked,
it was time to cut.

If my first mistake was not to check, if I am having all supplies,
this was the second.
I forgot to turn the fabric for other back side.
And had two of the same site pieces:

So I needed to cut one other.
Glad I had enough fabric to do that!
And then I had 1 piece for front and two for back:


Time to start sewing!
I started with shoulder seams.
I use to put needles perpendicular,
because they are easy to take away during sewing.
No, I don't baste, have no patience for that...

I also sew zigzag around every piece
- to make sure the fabric won't start raveling out so easy:
zigzag all over
Next I made seam on collar.
If I only had diagonal ribbon...
needling collar
Sewing collar didn't go so well,
so I decided to put some lace on the mistakes.
some lace?
It didn't set fine either,
so I needed to unravel it.
This was the thing my aunt told,
why she didn't like sewing:
unraveling is seamy work.
I decided to think that problem later,
and went on for hem.
I used old dress to check the length
and made this longer,
just because I remembered this dress was very short.
checking the length of hem

And add lace on it!

Then it was time for plackets:

And overlock stitches to cuffs:
Not so regular ones.
but does it really matter?
I made cross stitches onto collar to hide mistakes in sewing:

And finally sew poppers:

And it is done:

This simple pinny dress took six hours to get ready.
I really hope I am able to make next one a bit faster!
But it is cute, isn't it?


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    1. Thank you! That lace is from my aunt - I have no patience to crochet lace.