August 10, 2014

Holiday by the hearth

After burning myself badly few years ago during steaming juice,
I have taken at least part of my holidays
during the harvest season.
Just to make sure I am not too tired,
and too busy to be careless.

So I'll spend a lot of time in kitchen becoming weeks.
Not fancy, not special
- just ordinary kitchen work.
Like freezing carrots and peas.

Freezing vegetables is easy.
Cut them in pieces,
steam or cook for 5 minutes,
put in plastic bags of boxes
- and freeze.

Steaming or cooking is necessary,
otherwise the vegetables won't keep their taste or color.
There is a chemical explanation,
but that I have forgotten years ago...

Not a surprise, that I had only big freezing bags on hand,
when I started with carrots and peas.
So I simply fold them twice after filling,
and cut the extra part from up away:

One dose in each bag,
so they are easy to use.

Picking and freezing currants is going on
- I bought more boxes.
And found a surprise from garden:

I believed last winter had killed all the specialty I had,
but this beauty was shining in the middle of the yard.

Roudari knows how to relax,
when the house is all empty:

I am not sure if I even could get myself in position like that...

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