August 19, 2014

Apple pie

This wasn't best morning I have had.
It rained.

Roudari hasn't shown himself for two days.
I put Pepi out to terrace
and opened front door to take my rain boots.
Rokkari was coming in.

When I was walking around the house,
- in an idea to take Pepi for a walk - 
I heard barking and saw Rokkari hurtles under neighbor's shed
- Pepi running after.
Poor old cat.
It took almost 5 hours before he venture come out.
And I was already thinking,
things are going better between cats and dog.

It seems to be rainy day.
Apples are getting ready,
so I decided to make a pie.
I had only 50 g of baking grease,
so I softened it in microwave and add about 1 dl oil.
Then mixed it with 2 dl  sugar.
Added 2 eggs,
one at the time,
mixed well,
and then 3 dl flour with 2 tb of vanillinsugar.

Got a surprise:
There was so much dough,
I needed to do two pies.
One with apple:
apple pie 
And the other with blueberry:
blueberry pie
Filling is simple, too,
just sugar and 1 tbl spoon of maize thickener.
Comfort food?

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