March 26, 2014

Parsnips, perhaps?

My mother used milk cartons seedling carrots.

They are very practical: 
you have them on hand easily 
and they have enough height and the best 
- as they are made to keep liquid inside, 
they don't make mess in action.

I haven't never tried to pre-grow carrots, 
but now I decided to do it. 
Or maybe I could keep them in whole summer, 
so arbustorum won't eat them?

So I washed few milk cartons.
And cut the tops open.
Because they are not looking very nice, 
I decided to cover them with gift wrapping paper:

This is a craft I can handle:

At first I might cover that white long box, too, 
but was too lazy to do it...
Here they are, all 8 of them:

Next step was naturally sowing.
Ok, 8.
Is there any idea to grow 8 carrots?
So I took parsnips seeds instead:

On the bottom I put first some gravel and then soil.
And up there one seed in each carton:

I know it is always said 
"put two and then take weaker away" 
- but I have a huge problem to winkle anything growing...

And by the window of living-room they hopeful will grow:

Last summer the only growing one was in front yard...
the wild one.


  1. Your milk cartons look lovely with the makeover. I like that you recycle the cartons for your gardening jump start. And that long box fits them so well. Good luck with the growing. I've never grown carrots. I don't have much of a green thumb at all.

    1. I think I don't have much of green thumb, either, but I love to try! And I can always blame arbustorums, if I forget to take care of my plants ;-)

  2. What a cute idea to start your seedlings inside and add to your decor at the same time.. Love it... Cathy

  3. Thanks, Cathy! We will see, if they will grow, too!

  4. What a fun idea Eeva! i cannot wait to see if your seeds sprout :-)

    1. I'll make a post of them, during next week, I guess, so you'll see, what has happened :D

  5. Very pretty! Like you, I have difficulty thinning anything that's growing!

    Carrots do grow pretty well indoors, and if I can ever keep my greenhouse intact through the winter, I want to try growing them year-round. I look forward to seeing how yours turn out in your pretty containers.

    Thanks for linking up at Turn It Up Tuesday!

    1. Thanks, Marie! Actually this post is from last spring, so I know, what did happen...I got three (!) small parsnips :-DDD. Most of the seeds did't sprout at all. I don't know if it was seeds or me....But I have plans for becoming spring - I have to, because I had a sweetest growing set from my younger daughter as Christmas gift, But there is still so marginally natural light, that I have to wait at least two weeks before start any seeding.

  6. Great idea upcycling milk containers. And they are so pretty! We tried soaking some seeds first to get them to germinate before planting. It worked for some, but others just molded. :( Gardening can be so tricky! Thanks for sharing on #sustainablesunday!

  7. Thanks, idea is all my mother's. Parsnips are still growing in my front yard, not in my garden plot :-DDD

  8. Great idea! Thanks for linking up at #SustainableSundays!