March 18, 2014

Oatmeal, rice and others: in order, please!

Between stove and fridge lies my cupboard for porridge flakes and spices.
Needed to clean.
And organize.

I am quite short - ok, really short - 
so I can easily reach only first two selves.
Even though our cupboards are lower than normal ones.
That we carried out in our kitchen renovation.

So I took ladders and started to empty things out.
A one self at the time:

At the highest self I use to keep extra packages.
Some are hide behind.

I checked dates and wiped shelves.
And put things back.
Cupboard is so small, there cannot hide many forgotten things.
However, I had mustard seeds, 
but cannot remember why - I never make mustard by myself.
So good bye for them.

I'll need new labels.
And there was a lot of barley flakes, 
so I guess, we will have some porridge during next weeks.


  1. I need to clean out my cupboards and organize them. They are terrible!

  2. Some times I wonder, who is messing mine, because I am the only one, who cooks in here, cannot be me, can it :-D