March 14, 2014

Kitchen renovation - 10 years ago

When we moved in to Halkis on 2000, 
the kitchen was in quite bad shape.
I remove all - really all - cabinet doors 
and so we lived with very open kitchen for 9 months.

During that time I made a little change: I painted tiles. 
They were white with bright yellow square in the middle...
After  9 moths my hubby got tired and made doors:

Of course it would be nice, 
if he would clean all the mess on counters and shelves, too.

I wasn't waiting any change for years, 
but in 2004 I got whole new kitchen!

During the years I had draw my dream again and again,
but still, when we were in store, I was terrified 
if I had metered something wrong.
What if the kitchen will be disaster?

Just two weeks before Christmas old cabins were teared off 
and the floor was ripped out:

Men made some plans on the wall 
- and there is seen a slight of yellow tiles, too:

Tiles were teared off next:

And the wall:

 This was the time I was thinking, 
are we totally mad? 

A week before Christmas my living-room was looking like this:

pay attention of style of late 90s'
Floor needed to sand and I was worried 
if new one won't come in time.
We wanted it without any seams, 
so it was coming straight from factory.

New tiles - Villeroy and Boch, I can tell - 
the only luxury in here. 
Bought in the sale 5 €/square meters. 

Electricity were made by professional:

I filled the cupboards as soon they were screwed on walls:

During few days there suddenly happened everything fast.
Cupboards were hanged, 
counters (laminate) was laid, 
electrician was working here and there:

I was hanging papers in the middle of the night 
and this was facing me next morning:

Paper is heavy, plastic covered, 
which can be washed with water and brush.
Special adhesive couldn't handle it
- so I finally used glue.

Glass shelves into window corner:

And finally Christmas eve came last two counters and we were ready:

Two hours before my mother and brother came over.
The only change we have made afterwards,
was a place for coffee station:

Those green curtains haven't been hanged into my house ever since.


  1. kitchen renovation! this is amazing, i got many wonderful ideas for my messed up kitchen. i love seeing pictures like these, being a house wife this is what i look for.

    1. Thank you! After all these years I am still happy with my kitchen. It has woeked for me great. Hope you'll find suitable for you, too!

  2. You really did an amazing job. You totally have changed the look of the kitchen. I just loved it. Renovation always require a huge money and time if you hire a professinal.

    1. Yes, it really can be very expensive. When we were looking for cabinets, we got offers, which were 3 times more than the ones we bought.I am lucky to have handy hubby -and friends.