March 21, 2014

A little bit of painting

I need a bigger table to cottage study.
The one in there is so small 
that knitting machine doesn't fit on it.
(BTW;  I still haven't learn to use it, 
it freezes at row 5 and I don't know, why)

So I decided make fair trade-off:
I will bring table and two chairs to kitchen 
and carry out old kitchen table over there.

There is one thing.
Table is bright yellow.
I guess the paint is straight from 70s'.
And chairs have spent time out, 
so they are quite bad shape.
Paint will help for that, doesn't it?

As I took a paintbrush in to my cute, little hand, 
I painted lamp stand as well.
The one I have already changed shade.

Table is still waiting,
but lamp is now on my night stand:

Does it look a bit alone?

No, I guess the problem is, that we aren't having headboard.

The cube moved into wicker cone 
- just waiting for it's place:

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