February 4, 2019

Not sure. Anything.

I am not sure,
what I want to do.
With this blog.
With our house.
With my work.
With my life.

With anything.

It seems I hardly ever write in here anymore.
I have found out,
that I strongly dislike (should I really say I hate it?) my laptop.
So I don't use it.
Using phone for writing isn't an option.
Believe me, it is not.
I am not happy with house, either.
It needs something,
but I don't know what.
New wallpapers. Yes. No.Maybe.
Paint. Yes. No. Maybe.
Something. Yes.
I feel hard to get up in the mornings
and getting my ass to work.
(Or anywhere, though).
But do I have a choice?
Not really.
We are drownig in snow.
I am turning a zombie.
And I hate it.

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