November 29, 2015

Christmastime starts

It is 1st Advent,
I am not ready.
Lately weeks have been filled with little things,
which seems to take a lot of time.
And I find myself using Instagram more than writing a diary,
As it is the darkest time of the year,
and I am sitting in the office all day through,
there is not many chances to see scenes.
Monday was an exception:
I had a work lunch by lake Tuusulanjärvi.
Should really visit there more often,
it doesn't take more than 10-15 mins to get there.
The moon was gorgeous during the week,
and I spent a lot of time just staring it.
Kittens had't made bad damages on the table
- few times whole table clothe was almost sliding down.
and few silver branches had taken off.
So I feel quite confidence, when I put up more decor.
We drove to flower shop and bought some fresh flowers.
Small cypresses on the table:
Two begonias,
one to the hall
and the other into living room,
On the same self there is also my herb house.
With two hyacinths and one cypress.
And lights.
There are my favorite angels, too:
They are glass and so they are tied to the picked fence,
 just to make them a little harder to drop down.
This is reality in the house nowadays.
We have never met so wild and curious kittens.
When I was wrapping cardboard box
(for Christmas presents),
Minni was of course around.
As well was Miina, too.
Hubby goes futile battle with them:
is it allowed to climb on tables or not...
But I must say
that they are so sweet-
especially, when they are sleeping...
There is still few things I want to do.
Maybe during next week.

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