November 15, 2015

Looking for kitten safe Christmas decor...

I have been surfing in Pinterest during last weeks.
Looking for decor ideas,
that wouldn't be destroyed by kittens right away.
I have found tons of lovely pastries.

I tried to do something
- had no idea, what - 
from paper doilies.

I was robbed right away,
and someone else had fun tine...
Not sure if I ever get anything done with all the "lace" I cut.
They might need some ironing, too...
As kitten took all the little Christmas balls and roses 
from Kekri decor
for their play last week,
it is quite clear,
that they will do it again.
But I want something nice on the table
- and around me.
So I decided to take a risk.
If they can see decor long enough,
they might not pay so much attention on it later.
I hope.
And if I do it early enough,
I'll have time to fix damages.

I started with the last indoor flower I have left.
Miina helped.
I put it into metallic basket,
which I fell in love year or two ago in sale.
With it there is also hyacinth,
which I have grown sometime now.
To be honest:
I bought few flower bulbs in early fall,
and never planted them.
So I decided to try an idea I saw in Pinterest (where else?).
I put some sand and just a little water in vase 
and put bulb on them.
It took weeks,
before I could see any progress,
but one day there were roots,
and now there is some green!
Maybe I am getting hyacinths for Christmas.

There is plenty of room,
so I carried into it also silver-glittered branches
and two pots,
where I can put Christmas flowers later.

Next to basket I put a lantern,
some Christmas balls and star lights in it.
Roses are a little damaged,
some kitten has bitten them...
I hope my favorite Christmas balls will be safe.

Into big lantern I put once again light branches.
And all the little Chirstmas balls I could find around the house.
And few silver pines,
Area by the window in dinner nook is ready.

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