March 19, 2017

The Dog tests: Beyond Simply 9

As a Hopottaja,
I get time a time different kind of products for test.
This time I got dog food.
Not for us, but for The Dog, who lives at our house.
The Dog has spent at Halkis for over two years now. 
He is not ours, he just lives here.
And we want to give him decent living and food.
So I was pleased to get to try Beyond Simply 9.

The Dog is white.
Or he supposed to be white.
So there is some limitations for his food:
some food colors his fur.
The test bag of food was lamb.
And barley. 
There is no wheat,
which causes often problems for dogs.
Lamb is one, which easily colors white fur
- last time we gave him lamb,
his fur started to turn yellow.
I was very aware about the risk of it,
when we started to give him Beyond Simply 9.
When I opened the bag,
I got a surprise.
It was way smaller than dry foods,
which we have had earlier.
And, by the way, Rokkari, our cat, liked it a lot.
As color tells, it is clear, that there is no added color in this food.
Smell...well, I am not a fan of any animal food smell,
but it was quite alike the others.
List of nutrients was unambiguous.
It is often very hard work to find this information.
I would have hoped,
that dosage would have been in dl:s, too
- I don't use to weight up The Dogs food.
So dosage went by guesswork.
And how was the taste?
The Dog, who lives at us, is a good eater.
It tasted.
Actually he had eaten it faster than his normal food.
But it clearly wasn't as good as sausage,
because he ate his sausages first, as usually.

And his fur?
No yellow, which pleased me!
Of course, this was shorter time than with 15 kg bags we use to buy,
so with longer time there could be color effect.

I haven't made decision yet,
if I will buy Beyond Simply 9 for The Dog later.
I might try other ones,
chicken or lax.
More information about this product you can find from


  1. Beyond Simply 9 is an awesome food product for the Dogs. I bought this item for my Dog and gave him in the morning. He just loved it and finished at the same time.

    1. Nice to hear, that your dog has liked it :) I believe, that we might test chichen next.

  2. OH you are so sweet really:) you are doing such a great job by giving a quality food to this dog. I am a pet lover and have some cute dogs and cats in our house. This product seems healthy and benefecial.

  3. Good to see that the quality of dog food improved in the form of Beyond Simply 9. Dogs love to eat this. Thank you to sharing with us.