September 18, 2016

Kitchenette in sauna

We have few changes going on in Halkis.
Those have been prepared through summer
- and not quite finished yet, though.
One is, that our youngest son,
who happens to live still on the plot,
brought his girlfriend to live with him.

First they stayed in our guest room.

But after several weeks,
she decided, it was enough.
And they moved their bed to sauna,
where our youngest have spent his time after turning 18.
32 square feet isn't much for two adults,
but it seems they are fitting in.

But. That wasn't so easy.
My other freezer has been in sauna
- and of course it had to be moved away from there:
I couldn't imagine myself knocking on the door every time I need something from it!
So, it needed a room in the house.

After taking the freezer out,
there was a little more room in kitchen,
but it sure wasn't very functional.
So we, V and I, planned a new kitchen.
And drove to Ikea to buy it.

Well, that wasn't a huge success.
We bought too short pedestals
- and too long doors.
Glad they could be chanced!
Of course both weren't found out at once,
so we needed to do two trips for that...
I still feel tired,
when I think about that.

Even though we bought longest pedestals,
they needed some extra work from hubby.
He had to put pieces of wood under them to get them high enough.

It wasn't long ago,
when we bought some cabins for our daughter's kitchen,
but after that Ikea have chanced their kitchen system.
They used o have at least two basic cabins to choose for,
nowadays there is only one.

Anyway, hubby made all the job,
I was an assistant.
The old stove was moved to the other side of kitchen. 
And new cabins were build around it.
The fridge was lifted up
- and young couple have put microwave over it later.
I personally think,
that micro is located a bit high,
but I am not the one,
who is using it.
It took some adjustment to get fridge straight.

Also the other side got new cabins under the counter,
And new countertops.
All white.
Also upper cabins were painted white.

White basic doors,
and basic handles.
Some cabins have normal shelves,
some have Utrusta-shelves.
Splash plates behind the stove and cooker hood.
There is still needed electrician.
It was left for young couple's headache.
The ones we have used use to disappear.
Before the job is done.

Total cost was slightly less than 400 euros.
Without Utrusta-shelves it would have been whole lot less.
Stove and fridge as well the sink and faucet are the old ones.
If hubby only would agree to paint the walls...

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