October 9, 2016

Happy and not so happy moments

Last weeks have been ups and downs.
Some days has gone fluently - but fast - 
and some not.
Today is one of those days,
when things are not going on very fluently.
My own laptop broke several times ago. Year or two...
Actually only screen.
It works, if it is plugged in with beamer.
So, it is used for watching Netflix...
I got an old laptop,
where the greatest problem was,
that battery was at the end of its life,
so it needed to be kept on grid when it was used.
Now it refuses to make internet connection.
So I am using Hubby's laptop
- which battery is also dead,
and doesn't have any image processing program.
And which USB is broken, too.
Not to mention problems with keyboard and operating system,
which happens to be from the time of dinosaures...
Enough whining, I guess.
But might explain something...

I have made apple jam or dehydrated apples practically every evening after work.
And there is still plenty of apples left
- even though I have offered them here and there...for free.
I feel so bad to know, that I need to collect them into compost bin.

This fall has been dry and sunny,
so it has been pleasant to visit in Fall Markets around.
I haven't made much shopping from markets, though,
as I have used REKO for buying
Dry flowers for decoration, paper fiber cloth, t-shirts.
There haven't been much needed.

Autumnal equinox was in the middle of the week.
I put our dinner into slow cooker before I left to work,
so it would be almost ready,
when children will come over.
Hah, only one hour later I got text message,
that we were having a blackout.
My collague had an excellent idea:
bring your dinner over to the office, 
so it can be cooked in there.
And I did.
So I drove home,
put slow cooker into bag and drove back to work.
And when the day was over,
I drove back home with our hot dinner.
 Blackout was 4,5 hours long.
The night before I had put almost half of the pig in freezer.
No, it wasn't fully freezed yet.
And never did.
Because freezer couldn't handle the blackout
- it didn't freeze after electricity came back.
Great. Just great.
Insurance doesn't cover freezer,
because it was over 10 years old (bought in 2005),
but I might get some compensation from meat and berries,
which were ruined.
It was full, and I simply couldn't get all of it cooked,
neither we could eat it all at once as it was planned for next half of the year.
Still hurts to think about that.

I was very stressed about that,
as well few other things, too.
So Hubby drove me by the seashore to smell the sea.
For me it is always calming
- even when it is a bit stormy.

 One of the highlights of these weeks for sure.

Last Friday we had "therapy evening" with girls.
My eldest had lost unexpected her employer,
so she was upset, of course.
The waves will be seen through the next year. 
We were up till the wee hours,
and I must say, that I was a little sluggish next day,
when our neighbor walked into our yard holding his bleeding hand.
He had cut his hand off. Accident with firewood processor.
It took me a while to get him to stop walking around,
and when I finally got him to sit down,
he was angry, because I was  - as he said - more hysteric than he was 
and pressed his hand too hard.
Well, I might have been in shock, too, but I am sure he was.
He is not young, over 70 already,
we are not friends
-and I guess we never will. 

Only good thing I am able to see in this accident is,
that now we know for sure,
that it takes about 10 minutes to get ambulance, fire apartment and medical copter over here.

Instead of writing all this crap down,
I should be outside gardening.
The havest is done (expect the apples, of course),
and to be true there wasn't much to harvest.
No peas or beans.
Just few potatoes, maybe for five meals,
three big summer squash.
If we should live with havest we are getting form our garden,
we probably would starve to death
- even though there were enough berries.
I am so thankful for farmers.

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