March 1, 2016

February Financial Statements

Even though February was two days shorter than January,
it didn't affect on our expenditures.
They were almost the same

or even bigger than in January.

Dairy is almost the same,
Only 38 litres of milk.
But more cheese.

Less for vegetables and fruits 
- but I have also used berries and vegetables from freezer during the month.
Carried home almost 17 kilos of fruits
- and 8 kilos of vegetables.

Meat,chicken, fish and eggs was a bit disappointment:
I believed I had used what I had in freezer,
but when I look at detailed list,
it wasn't seen in total cost.
Meat, 4,1 kg, chicken 1,6 kg, fish 1,25 kg and 20 eggs.

Bread would have been same as January,
if I hadn't bought two big boxes of freezed Karelian pies.
One is still left,
so when hubby asks them next time,
I have them already.

Grease, cold cuts, ready made meals, clothes almost the same than January.
Coffee, tea, cacao a little less,
treats a little more.

Cleaning supplies way down
- last month I bought a lot of toilet paper etc,
so there were not need for practical nothing during February.
Also pharmacy bill has been down - total zero -
but that will increase in March for sure.

Animal food and supplies.
there is a huge rise,
but it is because Minni and Miina were sterilized,
so it includes veterinary surgeon bill 290,85 Euros.

I had a week off from work in January,
which might explain why there was 120,00 Euros in gas
- and now it has been 170,00.
Or hubby has been driven around more.

And guess what?
We are out of milk...

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