November 22, 2015

Decorating cottage porch

Now, when trees have drop leaves,
from the road there is open sight to cottage porch.
So, when I come home from work,
it is the first thing I will see.
I want it be nice during this darkest time of the year.
So I use to decor it for Christmas time.
Porch is not isolated,
and even the cottage would be heated during winter,
it will be cold.

But I do go trough it several times
-specially before Christmas-
because the Christmas ham will be done in cottage oven.

Window ledges are quite narrow,
even though they are wider than others in cottage
- just because there is only one glass in windows.
So there can be fit few small things,
like vine and Christmas balls.
Vine is filled with little sparkling spots,
that drops all over...
Window ledge is just wide enough for lanterns,
which I bough from sale couple of years ago.
If I want to light them up,
I need to buy new batteries.
In tealight holders I put old,
already broken, candle.rings.
and the same silver branches I used inside the house.
Noway I would put open fire over there.
Front of the window there is lights,
which are already little worn out,
working, but bleary.
To the side table between the chairs I made arrangement,
in which I am very contented.
In the bottom there is iron wreath.
It is there just because it needs a place to store.
In the middle one of the lanterns.
Lights are the ones,
which I used in the flower box last year.
And my favorite elves.
Maybe I'll bring them in the house next year,
when kittens are grown 
- and hopeful also calmed down.
Back there is an old golden spruce.
The birch-bark shoe got an old flower decor stick in it.
Now, when I open the door,
I'll see this
Inner door has simple, ready made wreath
And when I'll leave,
I'll see this
Lights will be turned on next time in the 1st Advent.
Until then the porch will stay dark.

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