September 13, 2015

Running behind the time...

Circus market was held earlier than normal.
During the decades market is held around weekend of 11th-13th.
This year we almost missed it.
Tivoli isn't the point for us anymore,

but market is something that cannot miss.
Market is where you can meet up people you haven't seen in years
like I met my retired colleague from years back.
On the market animals made from twig seemed to be very popular.
Those were nice, no question of that.

I almost bought new hedgehod,
these were so cute:
Made from willow and bog moss.

Whole week was kind of chaff.
But weather was mostly good,
(which means no rain)
and I managed finally plant Highbush Blueberries.
I also dig up the old ones, 
which have been suffering in frond on cottage for years.
And put a net over them,
so rabbits won't get easy party during the winter.

I dig up potatoes,
it seems that we are not far away from frost,
Met an ugly frog in my water pail.
It refused to leave,
when I asked to.
I spent Friday working in 
Exhibition for land construction and environmental maintenance machines.
Even though I was at work,
I had a chance to look around.
There was also old machines and lorries...

Racing simulator.
Doesn't it look like a giant fish?
Sandbox for big boys...
... and even though these looks hilarious,
my hubby told,
that they are using one alike this in their current building site.
There was a small train driving around the area,
horse reminding about times gone by...
and StuntFreaks Team show:

But there was one thing,
that delighted the most.
Portable WC.
(Not to mention models with shower, break room etc)
No disgusting smell.
No liquid.
Nice decor.
And. No. Disgusting. Smell. 
We told our CEO,
that next time he can rent one for us...
And because we are spoiled workers,
he even might to do that :-)

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