September 20, 2015

Fall Market Fair

Little Princess has been visiting overnight.
I believe,
we have managed to entertain Her Little Highness quite well.
Today we visited in Fall Market Fair in center of Tuusula, Hyrylä.

Even though there is also Market Fair in Kerava and Järvenpää,

which both are closer to us,
there is very different atmosphere in Hyrylä.
Maybe it is just in my mind.

We ate crepes with jam and whipped cream.
They are the big Must.

Saw few alpacas from Koiramäen kartano.

They looked friendly.

And going to Market means shopping, right?
This time we carried home small Karelian pies.

A new winter coat for me.

And cloudberries.
Hubby isn't fond of them, so they are for me. Yam!

Princess got a balloon
and I won a thermos mug.
It was local taxi,
that was marketing their services.

Princess' cousins came over later in afternoon.
Ice hockey lessons will start next week,
and had to check outfits.
Boy, the boys have grown during the summer.
All three.

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