September 18, 2015

Feeling fall

Wind is screaming in corners.
Virginia creeper is turning in colors.
It it definitely here.

Until today the spring wreath was hanging on the door.
Parasol was already broken.
It looked sad.
Time to do something.
I found three candler-rings,
few fake berries,
bag of pumpkins I had bought from sale last winter
and coated wire with glass butterflies.
It is weird,
and I cannot understand, 
why I have brought it home.
Well, it is something.
When I start to take flowers off from wreath base,
something dropped on the table.
Well, hello there, arianta arbustorums!
I don't have glue gun,
so I had to find an other way to get pumpkins on the wreath.
I used barbecue sticks.
And scissors and screws to make holes into pumpkins.
Have no idea,
what they are made from,but they sure were quite hard.
And yes, I managed to make a mess.
But also a fall wreath.

It will go until it is time for Christmas Wreath.
I guess I should do something for the one on cottage door, too.

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