September 8, 2015

And we were in Imatra...once again

Last weekend was the very last race weekend of the year.
In Imatra.
We were there last year, too.
So, the road should be familiar, right?
I have had quite busy weeks at work,
and I haven' much free time at home, either,
so leaving to Imatra came a little fast.
I really believed,
that we wouldn't need any directions,
just take road number 6.
And we managed to leave in planned time,
so no worries:
we sure arrive once in race season early enough to see some sight.

We made first stop in Orimattila to get some gas.
And when I got out to take few steps around,
I walked into warning:
Beware of snakes
Snakes! Beware of snakes!
Well, I wasn't looking much around after that,
but was sure watching my steps.
I was very careful,
where to put my feet during taking a photo of these horses:
These can be seen from highway 4.
For some reason I had no problem to sit back in to the car...

As I believed, that we should take exit to road 6,
I was very sure of myself,
when hubby asked, if we should take exit to road 12
- and I said no...
I was wrong.
(how is that even possible?)
But because of that mistake
we had a chance to see beautiful landscapes
cranes on the fields
(- which I didn't manage to shoot)
and rocks...

We drove through Vuolenkoski,
village of the year in 2014.
We might make a day trip over there later,

Google drives to Imatra within 2,5 hours.
For us it took 4,5 hours.
And it was already dark, when we finally arrived to our hotel.
So, bye, bye sightseeing!
We had dinner
and crawled to bed.

Saturday morning was foggy.
 I hadn't much of kitchen in race track,
Motobiili has a motor problem
and boys has driven with van over there.
There wasn't much flowers around, either.

Sun was trying to shine,
but didn't managed very well.

But it didn't start raining before we were leaving home.
First it rained so hard,
that it was impossible to see anything.
And when it stopped,
the sun was shining,
and it was hard to see because of that.
But it was so beautiful,
when it colored all with it's gold.

Race season is over
- and so is berry season, too.
We are not getting apple,
so I am hoping I am able to start wallpapering in cottage.

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