July 15, 2015

American Beauty Car Show, travel to Haapsalu

We spent weekend overseas.
In Haapsalu, Estonia.
Admiring many Finnish cars and listening Finnish bands.
We were in American Beauty Car Show.
We had talked about traveling there during past week,
but when weather cast told there will be rain,
my hubby thought it would better stay at home.
And Thursday evening he decided,
that he wants to see Steve's Seagal live.
Nice. No way to get car on board.
That means waking up earlier than is decent,
waiting in lines, a lot of walking...
Weather was great,
so I spent a lot of time on the deck,
staring and shooting the sea.
A lot.
We have planned to eat onboard,
but weren't wise enough to buy breakfast advance:
But you don't need to starve,
there is several cafe's and bars. 
We choose cafe.
And a lot of coffee, too...
Using public transpportation isn't hard in Estonia -
you are able to buy tickests advance from internet
( it is wise to do that, too)
and trains and busses are stopping almost everywhere.
Prices are also affordable.

Tallinn has two stations:
Balti Jaan and Tallinn Bussijaam.
We have learned earlier (the hard way, of course) the difference:
from Balti Jaam you can get to trains and local busses,
form Bussijaam long distance busses.

We have used both, busses and train, in Estonia,
and they have always been on time.
And so it was again.
Exactly 10:30 the bus started.
I was a bit unlucky with my seat:
there was flood between the grasses,
so I was staring waves going back and foward, back and foward...
I must confess, that it was boring...
So I took a nap.
We came right in time to Haapsalu.
Busstation lies next to Railway museum.
Beautiful building.
No way we'd visit in,
it was already 12:15 and first band would start at 13:00.
There is a huge difference with hubby and I,
when we are walking to somewhere.
He takes straight line and lopes foward with high speed
- and I use to see something, that I want to look closer...
Car show was held in old town,
and it was really taken seriously.
All the ways up there was equipped with signs,
which told,
that driving was allowed to US cars only.
The show and concerts were held in Haapsalu Bishop's Castle
 Even outside the castle you could get an idea, 
what is inside.
 A lot of cars...

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