February 23, 2015

Temptations...of spring

Weather cast predict early spring.
Just early, not necessarily warm.
This has been weird winter so far,
only one week under -20 C,
a lot of rain and just a little frost.
I don't mind that at all.

Snow hasn't stayed long,

and we are having wet patches all over.
When sun is not shining,
it looks a little sad.

But there is seen also promises becoming spring and summer.
Liverworts have spread under bedroom window.

First seed catalog came in early January,
but I haven't allowed myself to browse it yet
- because temptation might get too hard to resist.
I think I need to check first,
what I already have.
Today I started with garden magazine, though.
And almost opened catalog.

I have taken my "Roses of Black Sea"  (Achimenes longiflora, Hot Water plant) 
down to the light, 
there was a tiny starts already.
They are early.
Could weather cast be right?

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