August 13, 2014

Re-arranging once done...

The fairy Godmother of skies was very whimsical today,
couldn't decide if it will shine or rain.
It shined and in the next minute someone turned faucets on.
And turned full vats down.
So I manage not to do anything.
Instead filling my day with some reasonable housework,
I re-arranged decor in living room.

It was June, when I turned green to pink and rose-red, 
as well in dining area and living-room.

Almost two months without any change,
so that shouldn't be any surprise...

I moved peony-lights onto tv-stand.
They are connected to same switch as tv is,

so when tv will be get power, they will be on, too.

With lights there are stones,
and steel candle sticks:

Estonian cat:

and white flowers that used to be in back corner:

Back corner has still peonies,
and salt and pepper dudes:

Dining table has now only candles on:

...and a round Pentik bowl.
By the window there are little peonies
and steel bowl,
that will be soon be filled with apples:

By the other windows
I first put just vases
- and wooden cat I bought from last racetrip
(and which Roudari has partly eaten):

It looked desolate,
even the cat is cute:

Cutting some roses from garden helped a lot:

There is still time to smell roses:

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