August 27, 2014

New shower cabin -finally!

We have been searching new shower cabin almost a year.
We needed a squared one -
and with a reasonable price.
We didn't want any specialties,
but even without any luxury,
prices were close to 2500 €.
No. Way.
Shower cabin for corner was 1/5 part of that,
so there wasn't any reason to spent so much.
But then we came across Netrauta.
And we found the one-
basic shower cabin 800*800.
This was the reason why we needed a new:

Not a nice view.
It was disgusting.
Cabin came a week ago
- and packages stayed in the middle of living room...
Suddenly yesterday,
when I came back from work,
I found my hubby planning demolition of old cabin.

As I wasn't able to help
(read:I wanted my coffee and make dinner),
he used these things to keep glasses still during screwing it apart:

He put one on each glass
- and wire frame between:

Water is cut, 
and faucet is already off on the floor
waiting for cleaning.
And it is gone:

Bathroom looks bigger without shower cabin.
Unfortunately my hubby has told,
that he never will paint ceilings...

After dinner we started to build up the new one.
Tub has to be straight,
so this was needed:

And me!
I was needed to make some weight to ensure balance:

Making tub into balance and straight took time.
We have a good fall on bathroom,
so it needed a lot of adjustment.

I had a lot of time to clean the faucet...
This shower cabin was build in the strange way
- front first:

Without directions we surely would start from back walls.
During lifting wall I hadn't much time to play with camera.

I like the look of this new shower head,
that came with cabin:

Almost ready.
The only thing was that doors didn't close tightly:

Glad it was only a matter of screwing adjustment:

And there it is.
I think it is beautiful.
And I thing my bathroom color will be turquoise soon...

Have to stop in gas station to by turtle wax.
I found a tip from Pinterest:
it should make water drop stains to stay away.

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