August 17, 2014

New seats in toilets - yippee!

Our house isn't teenager anymore,
it is build in 1987,
and toilet seats are from last decade, too.
Not in best shape anymore,
and the one in bathroom caused great problems:
it was leaking.
It was leaking even though my hubby changed all the parts in water container.
And I was stressed.
Water isn't free,
and closing water every time after using toilet,was annoying. 
Not to mention, 
that it used to forgot a time a time
- which could be seen on our water bill.

We bought new.
Actually we bought two;
both old toilet seats decided to change,
before the other one starts leaking, too.
We bought them from Netrauta on Wednesday,
and they came on Friday.

Fit up started right away.
Or actually hubby started,
my function was mostly to hand tools.

The old one was carried out.
Hubby put plastic bag on the back,
just to avoid leaking water all over:

New one was set on its place:

And final checks:

Seat was glued with silicon,
so we had to wait until next day,
before start with the other one
- we didn't want situation,
where we wouldn't have any working toilet in the house.

On Saturday was time to change the other seat.
First old out:

He used carpet knife to cut old silicon.
Pay attention to jeans
- they got wet,
because he didn't empty old seat well...
There was put fast "a hat" over the drain hole
-otherwise the smell would be quite bad...

Hubby had a little helper during cleaning the floor:

He was checking,
that new one would fit well
(and grandpa has changed trousers):

Then checking the silicons:

Water back on...

I sure hope,
I don't need to use closing!

And there it is,
with old lid:

The one that was taken off from half bath
(or as I like to call : boy's bath)
will be replace the one in sauna cottage.
It is in very bad shape,
as the water from well has a lot of iron
- and that causes terrible stains.

The one needs to get rid off
-or otherwise I need to use it as flower pot...

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