May 20, 2014

The heat is it really already summer?

It has been hot last two days.
Yesterday we had some rain, too.
Rain was good.
I have been working in my garden plot,
making a new edged area.

I started it by arrange tiles around.
And because I am lazy, I just piled them.
On the bottom I put some leaves and dry grass and then covered it with newspapers:

Next layer was an year old leaves:

Those have spent their winter in waste bag 
-they supposed to turn in to soil,
but they didn't.
Now their duty is with newspaper is to keep weeds away.

Next step was naturally soil.
First one compressed:

and the next softly:

Now I have a place I an put all the daisies I have to take off from garden plot.
And I have:

Small ditch are for seeds:

Hope they make to bloom.
Hollyhocks were risen - and eaten.

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