May 4, 2014

Napkins and the box

My next preparation for Little Princess' party was napkins.
I wanted to prepare them in time
- I sure have seen some parties at our house, 
when guest has arrived and napkins are still in drawer...
Not this time, noup!

Soon I became a problem:
if I'll fold them in advance,
they have to store somewhere.

I needed a box.
After rummaging some cabinets,
I found one.
So here we go again...
Box, paper, scissors, glue - and tape:

Well, it wouldn't be me,
if everything would go without any problems.
This time it was just too short paper:

That was easily helped,
just added new piece of paper.
I glued end pieces:

Doesn't it look like a gift?


After cleaning the mess,
I started folding 
and filling the box:

Now I need to find a good solution,
how to add these on table.

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