May 3, 2014

Decorating paper cups

We are expecting about 40 adult guests 
- and probably twice of that children-
coming joining us in Little Princess' first party.

As we are going to enlarge space using tent out side,
we also decided to use paperware to avoid dishing marathon.

Looking for paper cups and plates I turned into a problem:
I couldn't find anything beautiful or simple suitable for colors
- light yellow and spring green.
Ok, there were Marimekko's Unikko,
but I am not a Marimekko person.
At all.
Glad that Little Princess' mother is either.

There was white.
There was blue.
There was red stripes.
And blue stripes.
And red and blue square, which reminded me my mother's kitchen towels.

So I bought white.
And got a headache, what to do with them.
Tie a ribbon around each?
Paint them?
Glue something on?

I was standing front of my "craft closet" staring in it as zombie,
when wallpaper tape caught my eye.
The one I had used to decorate boxes.

So here we go:

I'd love to have more green or yellow.
But this was, what I had.

So 50 white paper cups turned this:

A little bit of summer, though.

Next step is to figure out, 
what to do with paper napkins.

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