April 4, 2014

Spring Party Season - Welcome to join!

In my family starts a Party Season on Saturday.

There will be both daughter's birthdays.
My cousin's son's confirmation.
Grandson's -two of them - birthdays.

1st of May.

Little Princess' First Party.
At our house, wohoo!
Mother's Day.
My cousin's first born's graduation.

In the middle of this all will also start Supermoto season.

As I am parting around,
I thought you might like to party, too!

So join the very first
Spring Party Season - linkup party with me!

I lay a new floor rug to make you feel to more welcome:

It is simple:
Leave your link from the link below,
but, please, take care, that it is family friendly.
If you'll link up Etsy-shop or Giveaway,
it is fair to all visitors,
if they are world wide.
I hope you'll enjoy meeting old friend and make new ones.
Stop over and say hello to someone
- one, if you are shy, two or more if not!

And if you want to call your friends to join,
here is a button:

Let's have a PARTY!


  1. Thanks so much for hosting Eeva! Have a wonderful spring weekend.

    1. Hi Kathe! Thank you so much joining! Have a nice weekend, too!

  2. Eeva, how wonderful your first party... thank you so much for hosting and have a wonderful weekend... Cathy

    1. Hello Cathy! Thank you for joining my party! Have a sunny weekend!

  3. Have a wonderful party! I don't have any Spring post yet to link up.

    1. Thanks for visiting! Would you like to link up something that isn't so "springly" - it is allowed, too :-)

  4. Thanks for hosting... Have a great weekend.

    1. I am so glad you have joined my party!
      Have a nice weekend, too!

  5. I will be watching your parties! I don't have anything springy to link up today, I'm still hoping for spring to arrive at my house! I wish I had some SISU. ;)

    1. I have a plan, that next one will be next weekend - this is Party Season ;-)