April 2, 2014

Easter decoration going on

After coming back from flower store,
I continued spreading Easter decor.

I put some spring chicken in hallway to say me welcome, 
when coming home:

White one is made by Motorist - almost 20 years ago.
And some more:

Some tulips into vase:

And so I have a new view,
When I come home from work:

I also dig out from closet my bunny:

Put it next to plate, 
where are fake crocuses and some more yellow candles:

Cats have been eaten poor bunny earlier, 
hope they let he be for now on.

I have planned, 
but if cats starts to chase and eat bunny again,
I guess, that is out of question.

Front of parsnips I set witches:

and kalanchoes:

The old one lies in new watering can.

Because I put Family Duck on the corner,
I had to put salt and pepper couple on the table:

And few Easter eggs, too:

There is still left some old decor:
fake flower, plastic eggs
and few random things.
If the wind will ever stop,
I'll put them on wreath.

But there was enough tulips 
to put on kitchen table, too:

Not a surprise,
because I bought 20.


  1. Oh I hope your kitties leave the bunny alone so that you can set a centerpiece Eeva! I am so honored you were inspired by mine :-) I really need to be getting my Easter decor on display! I have been dragging my feet as it just doesn't feel like Spring here :-(

    1. Not very spring in here either - just put wool socks on ;)

  2. I like the plastic eggs! And the flowers. Very pretty Easter Table too! =0)

    1. Thank you! It was nice you to visit. Welcome later, too! Have a nice spring!