March 19, 2014

More cupboards to organize...

I have two other small cupboards 
for all dry things opposite to stove.
Under narrow counter.
I have changed order in these several times during last year -
and situation has gone worst.
A mess:

And more mess:

So I went back close to the old system I had.
Ok, it wasn't system, 
but it worked better:

Up there is sugar, with one extra bag, then syrup and yeast, salt and soda.
In the middle dried and canned food.
And down extra sugar, pastas and special as powered milk.

In the smaller one there are up crispbreads:

Then comes cereals, muesli and some baking supplies.
And down nowadays rarely used cake supplies.

And I made labels.
As I didn't have sticker paper,
I just printed them on normal paper
- and added with contact plastic:

Slow work and it is still going on.
And I can image they are gone in first wash.
But then I can make new ones ;-)


  1. I like the bins and the plastic containers you used. I need to get my pantry in order again!

  2. Most of them are old Tupperware (cannot get rid of them, they will stay in shape for ages!) and new white ones are from Ikea.