August 7, 2017

It rains again

On 19th of July I wrote:
"I have nothing to say.
I spend my days at work.
Come home,
make dinner.
Or serve leftovers.

June 23, 2017

Midsummer at the garden

We are spending Midsummer weekend at home.
No festival, no summer cottage, no camping area.
Just home.
And garden.

June 18, 2017


It is almost summer solstice.
In my world days have blended like pearls -
one after the other,
and then,
runned around when the chain has broken.

May 23, 2017

Cesvaine Evangelic Lutheran Church

Cesvaine was full of old, beautiful buildings.
We came across Evangelic Lutheran Church by fortune.
Well, it could not miss,
if driving at least right side of the town
It was rising high,
reaching up to the sky.

May 19, 2017

Cesvaine Pils -castle in Cesvaine

On the 1st of May weekend it was fifth time,
when we spent it in Latvia.
And I can say,
that I haven't seen much more than race tracks over there.
So this time we did it differently.

May 13, 2017

A stormy journey across Estonia

Two weeks ago, April 29th, we step on board in Helsinki 
and started our yearly travel to Madona, Latvia.
Weather was bad,
wind blew in the gust 25 m/s
- and even Megastar was swinging in the wind.

When we arrived to Tallinn,
the weather was, if possible, even worst.
It was raining, it was winding,
it was snowing.
We had changed our plan to drive Via Baltica
-and choose to drive through Viljandi.
Was it a mistake?
We hadn't got far, when accident happened.
Someone drove straight to our rear bumber in red lights.
Maybe she didn't see us,
maybe she didn't see the red lights -
I don't know.
So there we were.
In the middle of traffic with broken car,
in terrible, terrible freezing weather.
Without internet connection in my phone,
so above all of other things I had real struggle to figure out,
in where we were. 
I believe,
that in addition in freezing,
I was in shock, too.
It was a relief,
when police came,
we could move our car to busstop near by.
Our insurance company organized tow for the car,
a car to transport us to airport near by,
and they also had organized a rent-car for us,
so three hours later we were able to drive on.
With a brand new Toyota Avensis.
Weather was still quite bad,
but it turned better during our drive.
And when we arrived Viljandi,
the storm was left behind.
We made less stops,
than we had planned.
So I had to be content to admire views and towns behind the car window.
The houses...
the lake shores or river banks
- have no idea which...
Because of delay in Tallinn,
we had to drive in darkness last hours.
Not a pleasure.
A thing we wanted to avoid,
but life doesn't go always smooth.
We were lucky none of us wasn't hurt,
our son got his girlfriend on his arms
- and we had a chance to drive a whole lot newer car,
than we ever will own.

Our car is still in Estonia,
we don't know it's destiny.
Reasonable guess is,
that it won't be fixed.
And we will get a small compensation for it.
I sure hope,
that it won't take months 
until Latvian insurance company has made its decision.
To the one way or the other.

April 19, 2017

Streetfood by SantaMaria Finland

As a Buzzador, I get sometimes samples to test.
This time it was Santa Maria's Street Food.
Pulled salmon wraps.
It was all new for me.