October 14, 2017

Short notes long

After five long months 
Lithuan insurance company and Motor insurers' centre done their agreement,
and we were able to get Chrysler home.
Still not sure,
if it is wise or not.
Probably not.

But we did.
What to say about the trip?
Getting up before sunrise and over the Gulf of Finland.
To the beautiful city of Tallinn.
Where I spent a day watching hubby fixing car.
Suspect if getting wet...
Getting less than half of bag of Lay's for lunch and dinner.
Please remind me,
when travelling with hubby:
bag your picnic lunch.
After nervous breakdown drive through the city,
sitting in the car wathing Finlandia arriving at the dock...
Felt myself very small.
Back on-board.
Beautiful evening sky.
Could be staring it all the way back.
Not the best travels I have had.

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