September 22, 2017

Hard work...perhaps

Writing things down seems to be hard work.
Physically work:
take laptop, open it,
take phone,
connect sd-card to laptop…
and pick up kitten down from table (and laptop)…
and pick up kitten down from table (and laptop)…
I might get some muscles.
We visited at Museum of antiaircraft.
With grandsons.
At the time we were there,
there was also lectures,
but we didn’t participate those.
Instead we wondered around – in and out.
Old missiles (I guess), lorries...
radars…all big and old.
Inside there were things,
which were more interesting for me ;)

Around there was also some art...
It was interesting few hours.
Somehow I guess,
that boys thought,
these were the best:
But when you're around garrison,
it is obligatory to eat doughnuts...

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