May 19, 2017

Cesvaine Pils -castle in Cesvaine

On the 1st of May weekend it was fifth time,
when we spent it in Latvia.
And I can say,
that I haven't seen much more than race tracks over there.
So this time we did it differently.

Cesvaine Pils
After spending a day in race track,
we had a quick dinner
and then we drove to Cesvaine.
I had decided forehand,
that I want to see the castle 
 - even though I knew it would be closed.
Tourist season seems to start right after  1st of May there
- and of course it was evening already.
However, driving 15 mins from Madona to Cesvaine was really worth of it.
Even outside of the castle was amazing.
Cesvaine Pils
Hubby was resting in car
during I was walking around the castle and bailey,
admiring everything I saw.
Towel and pipes...
Windows and doors...
The castle all around...
Cesvaine Pils
The small rapids down in bailey...
A bench made from a piece of wood...
Well. Everything.
How much time, effort and hard work it have taken to build this all up.
I was a little jealous about this peonybed,though,
so clean and full of promise of gorgeous blooming.
Any photos doesn't show the beauty 
- nor the might of it.


  1. I have seen such places only in movies and photos, I so want to visit castle for real and experience it. Thank you for sharing the pictures with us

  2. Thank you for leaving your blogpost in Viikon Kuva Maailmalta - Link Up Party. Hope to see you next Sunday too!
    These pictures are just magnificent. I wish I'll be able to visit Latvia one day myself.

    1. It was my pleasure! Latvia is worth of visiting for sure.

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    1. Well, have already visite several times, but not in the Woods, though