July 7, 2016

Financial Statements April-May-June

 I haven't given up counting,
where are our money are going.
I have kept book,
and now I finally got time to do counting.
In the end of April there is first effect of the race season:

sundries includes travel to Estonia.
Hotel nights were paid in May.
Also gas rose a bit.
And I bought some "hair supplies", 
- combs, hairbrush, scissor and hair coloring- 
which made almost 40 euros.
Gas doesn't include hubby's travel to work,
it is about 10 euros/day.
But he doesn't bring me receipts,
so I don't book them up.

In April we used 44 litres of milk and I carried home 3,8 kilos of cheese.
15,1 kilos of fruits and 4,8 kilos of vegetables. 
Sausages 1,3 kilos,
meat 3,6 and chicken 4,8 kilos.
1,2 kilos of fish and 20 eggs.

On May I joined REKO group in Facebook.
REKO comes from Swedish words "Rejäls konsumption" - Substantial consumption, 
The idea is, that you can buy food straight from producers and as close as possible.
And quite a lot are organic, too.
The order is made in advance in Facebook group,
and you'll pick up your order at once straight from producer from pre-agreed location.
All the participating producers come at the same time.
If you have any questions
- like I wanted to know,
when exactly my lax had been caught,
I got answer from fisherman himself.
I made quite a big order:
lax, different flours and groats, almost 10 kilos of organic pork, eggs...
So it of course was seen as rise in household expenditure.
There wasn't huge difference with "normal" eggs or Friida eggs,
but with fish and meat there sure was.

Even though I believe in all kind of Finnish food,
and that it is clean and pure,
the taste of  meat was different.
Worth of the money I spent.
Not to mention fresh fish.

It is clear,
that fish cannot be so fresh in supermarket:
it has handled, packed, traveled, stored...before you buy it.
The lax I bought was caught a day before 
and filled only several hours earlier.
My parents had a fish shop when I was a child,
and my father also fish as a hobby,
so I do know the difference between fresh and old fish.
And this one was fresh.
The main totals in May were:
5,2 kilos of vegetables, 12,6 kilos of fruit.
39 litres of milk, 3,25 kilos of cheese.
Sausages 1 kilo, 46 eggs,
Meat 13,36 kg, fish 4,14 kg, chicken 1,8 kg.

In June dairy were a surprise:
53 litres of milk and 7,5 kilos of cheese.
I am able to understand the milk:
we practical have a new family member in our table,
but cheese. 7,5 kilos. Unbelievable.
Maybe I need to sell the Dog and buy a cow.
11,67 kg fruit and 18,26 kg vegetables.
Yep, we have feast with new potatoes.
0,9 kg bacon and beef,
1,8 kilos sausages.

Half of the year is now gone.
I will go on till the end of the year
and then count total expenditure and consumption.
I will go on with REKO,
even though the prices are a bit higher,
just because the quality of meat and fish are better.
Not sure about eggs nor flour and groats.

During the July I know I am busy both at work and at home.
Wild blueberries are already ripen,
so it is time to start wandering in the woods.
I might be found from Instagram.

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