May 23, 2017

Cesvaine Evangelic Lutheran Church

Cesvaine was full of old, beautiful buildings.
We came across Evangelic Lutheran Church by fortune.
Well, it could not miss,
if driving at least right side of the town
It was rising high,
reaching up to the sky.
Smaller gate was open,
so I walked to the Church park.
Church parks feels always so quiet,
that I almost be a little scared to disturb the peace.
There is always possibility,
that deceased has laid to rest under Church floor,
Churc was shaped traditionally alike cross.
Front tower was higher than others.
Birds had made a nest on the one. 
Trees around were old enough to have wrinkled bark
- and some lichen.
Memorial was  simple,
but not forgotten.
I have noticed during our travels,
that cemateries in Estonia and Lavia are always in good care.
The doors werenot open
(yes, I tried),
but I could see through the window,
how beautifully setting sun colored glasses.
If there have been restoration,
it sure have been made with love and skill.
The Church just looked like it has been standing there,
no matter the storms, the wars or any other disaster.
Facing the world proud and fulfilling it's purpose.


  1. Mahtavan näköinen kirkko!
    Koska te olette olleet tien päällä?

    1. Vapun viikonloppuna oltiin. Aikamoinen alkumatka oli, kun sattui se lumimyrsky ja sen myötä kolari. Muuten aika hyvä reissu, kovin paljoa ei varmaan tänä vuonna kuljetakaan. Tai mistä sen tietää etukäteen, mitä vielä tapahtuu. Pitäis vissiin päivitellä tätä sivuakin...