November 1, 2016

How I almost failed in testing a product

Several years ago I had peritonitis after my appendix burst.
It all started with weird symptons: 
my belly made noises - very loud noises -
like I would be hungry.
Noise was so loud that my collegue could hear it to her workplace
- and we really don't sit very close to each other.
My belly was hurting time a time, but not badly.
And it also swoll up.
All that went on over six months and during those months I got a lot of different antibiotics.
Which didn't help.
And one night my appendix blow and I was speeded in hospital,
where I spent some time.

Anyway, when I got home and finally after several months I was decleared heathy,
there was one symptom left.
Not a little unconfortable swell:
my poor belly looks often like I would be havig a baby any minute.
Or two or three.
Of course there is some fat, too, because I have some extra weight.

With combination of picky eating, love of sweets and food allergies, 
I am sometimes so very tired of myself. 
Tight diet without wheat, like fodmap, could help, 
but it seems I am way too lazy and self-indulgent for that.

So, when I read, that Hopottajat offered a chance to test a product "for balancing belly" for free, I jumped in without any second thoughts.
I will be totally honest in here:
I must admit, I should give an other thought. And maybe third. 
And read the product name propely. 

Well, I had made a promise to test it,
so I had to do it, too.
Fructolax is a poduct made from dried fruits and fiber.
Those are dark brown cubes,
which supposed to chew with plenty of water.
I took a bite and chew.
I couldn't swollow it.
Remember I am a picky eater?
It wasn't the taste, taste wasn't that bad.
A little sweet, a little tart.
Maybe it was structure, I am not sure.
O r just an idea, that I am eating lacsative?
But I had made a promise.
So, I cut it into pieces,
which I could just swollow with water.
And it worked.
It wasn't ay hard lacsative,
at least not for me.
But it didn't made any difference with my swollowing belly either.
I still have couple of cubes left,
and I will try them after eating rye bread,
-which is nowadays the very first on the list of foods,
which makes my poor stomach totally in mess.

If you want to test Fructolax by yourself,
you can order a free sample from here.
The link leads to the page of Harmonia Life Oy,
the firm behind Fructolax.


  1. What is this exactly made of and is it meant for reducing belly fat or losing weight? It seems like an organic product but it is better to have a complete check of ingredients before having it.

    1. No, not for losing fat or weight, just for making your stomach work better. Made from fruits and fiber. You'll find more information from