October 19, 2016

Financial statements July-August-September

Days, weeks and months run so fast.
And the money from my wallet.
There won't be any settling down
- it is clear, that I need to buy a new laptop.
And Christmas is coming, too...
But soon I'll have whole year accounting!
In July we drank 48 liters of milk.
And I bought 8,05 kilos of cheese.
No, we didn't eat all that in one month.
Some yoghurt, cream, ice cream... total 88,34 euros.

With 84,31 euros I bought 15,78 kilos of vegetables and 14,438 kilos of fruits.
Including 4 kg of strawberries.
Which cost a fortune this year.
But strawberry party is worth of it:
once a year everyone eats as much strawberries as they can.

10,397 kg of chicken, 5,4 kg of meat, 1,7 kg of fish, no sausages at all. 
80 eggs. Oh, mine. 
Total cost 141,29 €. We eat a lot of meat. 
I also bought 20 kg of organic flour. Should be enough for whole year.

In August cost of dairy was 72,23 euros. 
54,5 l of milk and 3,55 kg of cheese.
Fruits 12,984 kg, vegetables 6,9 kg, cost 33,30 eur.
Not a piece of meat, but 1,67 kg of chicken, 1,675 kg of fish and 60 eggs. 

In September little less to dairies, only 40, 5 of milk and 3,4 kg of cheese.
Apple were ripen, currants and gooseberries were ripen earlier,
I had picked wild berries, so bought fruits were on 2,974 kg
-vegetables 15,5 kg, 
total cost  only 15,06 euros.

And then meat: I bought a half of pig. 
Organic one. 
It was about 35 kg. 
And some other meat 1,6 kg, chicken 3,042 kg, 0, kg sausages and 30 eggs. 
Total cost 281,18 euros.

Total cost of food was in September less than July, 
when we had more eaters around, 
but because of the pig higher than in August.

But then.
Other household supplies. And medicines.  
Bought two huge rolls of fiber paper for the next race season - 
the couple, who sells it around here, 
comes only once a year for market close to us.

In July new mobile phone for Hubby. I
n August new laundry machine, kitchenette to sauna and weekend in Imatra
In September new freezer and my cardiologist appointment.
So, last months costs have been higher. A lot of higher.
I have started to count the money, 
which I am using for Christmas.
I believe, that it is one, which is easily underestimated,
when making a budget.
And I am going o make a one for becoming year.

When I am now looking at different columns, 
I am a little surprised about clothing.
I always feel, that either of us buy any clothes, 
but still we have spent quite a many euros for them.

We really need a budget.

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