February 17, 2016

Tiny changes in living room

Kittens are growing fast,
and they are not climbing in curtains so much anymore,
so I finally was able to hang my nowadays favorite curtains up again.
I have been waiting for this from Christmas,
when we got new TV as Christmas present.
TV was just a bit bigger than our old tube television,
so it didn't fit in to TV unit we had.
And which I disliked.
Boy, I have tried to talk hubby to change his mind,
but without any luck.
But now!
It is gone!

There is only left two showcases,
which lied in the end of unit.
No more beech colored furniture in living room.
TV is on lower unit
- an Ikea unit,
which I have bought from Facebook flea market group.
On the "new" showcase there are several tealight candles,
a guitar man made by Hinz&Kunst
And the lovely gift girls had made for me last year.

I feel this room more comfort now,
balanced and restful.

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