January 12, 2016

...and bathroom closets are done

All of them.
Not that there would be much work.
But I got rid off several pine cones,
which I have used in decoration.

There isn't much point to save them,

because I have a chance to just step out to yard and pick new.
Well, I saved few,
which I have brought from Helsinki,
they are smaller than these usual ones.
But most of them I soaked in stearin
(I melted few old candles)
- and so we have plenty of fire starters.
But cabins under the mangle are in better shape.
These two closets contain my decor things...
...and a cat.
When ever we open a door,
one - or both - cat jumps in...

Under the sink closet is the one I have been very pleased for years now.
When we bought these closets from Ikea,
we also bought some pull-out fittings, too.
They were quite expensive as an Ikea product 
(and seem to be more expensive nowadays)
but they sure have been worth of that money.
Both sides of the closet has one.
On the right side I keep things involved with laundry.
In the middle there is waste trolley,
used earlier in kitchen,
but unfortunately this one wasn't sustainable enough
- but have worked fine in bathroom keeping extra hand towels,
liquid soap canister etc in order.
And the other side:
personal toiletries.
Under both pull-out fittings there is still room for extra bottles of softener
- and the other side a basked with soaps etc.

The other thing,
which I do appreciate a lot is my system for laundry.
During the years I had noticed,
that one hamper isn't good enough.
And the ones with lids have turned unpractical:
hubby used to just drop his clothes over the lid.
And with one, there is always sorting and finding out,
if there is enough alike for full load.
So I have now two, both with partition.
One is in the closet next to washer.
There is a place for light 40 and 60.
Other one is rolling on the floor,
place for dark ones.
That is the one,
where hubby throws his laundry.
I still need to do some sorting, 
but it is fast to do any time I go to bathroom,
and for extra benefit I will see at glance if there is full load of each.

So there were all the secrets behind my bathroom's closet's doors...
I know, that I do want to change other color of towels in use soon,
but don't know yet,
will it bee green or gray.


  1. Muistatko yhtään paljonko nuo rulot eli ulosvedettävät ritilälaatikot maksoivat ja oliko Ikeassa useampaa mallia?
    Ihan sillä kysyn että vaikka täällä on vaatteille kaappitilaa vaikka kuinka, niin ei olek kuin yksi siivousvälineille tarkoitettu ja vielä kun siinä on typerä kulmahyllyt, niin säilytystila loppuu auttamattomasti kesken.

    1. Näytti olevan 39 eur samannäköinen, itse maksoin 24,90, mikä silloin tuntui hurjalta. Taisi olla kalliimpi kuin itse kaappi. Ikean keittiösisusteissa on kaikkea sovellettavaa, irtohyllyistä lähtien:)

    2. Kiitän tiedosta sillä aion käydä Ingvarin eläkeläispuodissa viimeistään ens kuun alkupäivinä :)

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