November 1, 2015

Table was set...

Yesterday night we had Kekri dinner.
To celebrate harvesting.
And to light the candles for the ancestors.

We didn't have much of our own harvest on the table.

Some kale.
The last ones I managed to find after frosts.
Even the potatoes were from store,
because we have eaten most of our own already.
Kale turned to garnish snacks.
Little kittens were isolated into guest room
- they are so wild,
that I didn't want to take a risk,
that all the china are on the floor.

I have a tiny addict into china,
and I was so glad,
when I found more alike the ones I have already from internet auction.

They are not the same,
but pattern is.
I like to set alike plates to everyone.

For meat stew I used a bowl I have got from my mother.
I am not very font of the pattern
- maybe because of pure red color - 
so I decided to cover it.
I used a pattern cut from a napkin
and wood glue mixed in water.
Like decoupe,
but this won't be permanent.
The original pattern was slightly shining through,
when it was still wet,
but not badly,
when it was all dry.

Simple and fast way to make a temporary change 
- it will be gone while washing.
I realize I have used these glasses very rare,
have to use more often.

Probably meant to use for grog or whisky,
but we  use them for milk and juice.
For coffee there was, naturally, my flower cups...

Our family dinners are never formal or complicated,
and everybody choose what they want
- or not.
There was a bit of Halloween this year, too,
when Aunt was painting scary faces...
Two cats and a pirate was left from the house.
Witch-mother was delighted becoming scrub,
when zombie-Aunt had colored faces black and white and red...

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