November 17, 2015

Table centerpieces in test

In a hope,
that kittens will "get used to" decor on the table,
and will leave them alone,
I also put something up on the table.
Blue, white,silver.

I started with big bowl.
Into piece of foam I put few old decor,
that have come into the house with Christmas flowers.

Bowl is quite deep,
so it need to be filled with something,
I used hand towels and over them some cotton.
After that I was able to put "bling bling" on.
To the other side I put some Christmas balls.
They might tempt kittens...
Pigeons I bought year or two ago
So the bowl is ready.
But I expect one table will not to be enough in Christmas Eve,
so I need more decor for an other table.
I bought in my last visit (in Spring?) for Ikea two galvanized pots.
Now I finally took them in use.
To make them look more beautiful,
I taped old napkin rings around them.
These haven't been very practical,
because they spread silver skim around...
 I used duct tape
- it is inside,
so it doesn't need to look good,
but I think it keeps napkin rings 
- and small, old silver branches better in their places.
My little helpers got tired and took a nap at the time...
I believe, that I'll buy something green into pots closer to Christmas.
At the time they all are just waiting for on the table...
With few candle sticks...
which will get candles little later.
I want to see first,
how much kittens are keen on these.
So far so good,
hope they are untouched after a week or so,,,

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