October 27, 2015

Not ready yet...

I am not ready yet to say good bye for summer.
Not even close.
Not ready for fall 
- nor even close to say hello to winter.
But Kekri will be next Saturday.

I feel a bit cold,

so I haven't felt ready for winter colors, either.
I came across these curtains in flea market.
Cheap enough for kittens to climb.
Other window has curtains from my daughters:
blue ones are younger's old ones,
the others are elder's  old ones.
Lilac and blue are attracting me right now.
And purple.
Maybe because there wasn't so much blooming during last summer?
This is the way,
how our curtains hangs nowadays...
I also found a cloth for dining table.
And few small Christmas balls.
I collected things I might use in centerpiece on the table.
And there they stayed.
And waited. And waited...
Candle sticks are old ones.
They used to be golden,
I painted them already few months ago.
I prefer them more now.
I tried different things,
but nothing worked.
Then I got an idea to take a claw-foot saucer,
put the "thing" from a flower arrangement I got few years ago
- and on it little Christmas balls,
four old paper roses
- one for each season - 
and new battery operated star lights,
which I bought from sale during the summer.
And as could be guessed,
I got "help".
We will see,
will this be at least almost in shape after an week.
They are quite interested in the pieces...
And even though she looks like innocent kitten,
she was as much involved with her paws...
Maybe I just enjoy this...
and build it all again on Saturday morning,
when it is time to set the table.

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