September 25, 2015

Wreath for cottage door

The cottage door had also stuck in spring time.
It sure isn't any spring anymore,
so it really was the time to do something.

Base of old wreath was in shape,
so I used it,
and took most of green away.
I left green leaves, 
but I removed roses, chiffon and ribbon.
That is quite easy to do,
because I don't use to use glue. 
Digging in closets,
and supplies was found.
Everything else was old and used,
but lights were new.
I bought them on our trip to Iisalmi.
Cost 1 €.
I wrapped things around the wreath base with twist-ties.
Also light are strapped with twist-ties.
 Green fake berries are just put through the base.
 Batteries in and it is ready.
Time to hang it on the door.
I put the chiffon into the bucket I have on the door, too.
I have often thought,
that it would be nice to have some flowers in it,
but I know I wouldn't remember to water them,
so it is mostly empty.
Lights doesn't glow much during the daytime,,,
(yep, door isn't painted yet, maybe next summer...)
But in the evening they are beautiful.


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